Monday, June 4, 2012

New Android Functionality Added to Blackberry Playbook in Beta Developers Update

The Blackberry Playbook got a Beta developers update on May 31, which launched new Android functionality and features. The developers update currently adds support for Android applications running in their individual window, which will permit more native Android apps to run on the Playbook.

Certainly, the update added numerous additional improvements like HTML5 optimization, full device encryption support and lots of others.

The complete list of improvements and software changes, which were originally listed by Crackberry, are listed below:

  •     Improved HTML5 support
  •     Portrait support for Email, Calendar and Contacts
  •     Improved folder support including IMAP folder support
  •     Full device encryption is currently supported, so that the entire device and individual partition can be safe.
  •     Screenshots are currently saved in lossless PNG format.
  •     Each Android app will now run in its own window. This significantly develops the user experience and constancy amongst the additional application runtimes.
  •     Access to the Camera hardware is currently supported for Android apps, permitting lots of more application types to work on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.
  •     In-App Payment is currently supported through the BlackBerry Payment SDK, so Android applications can contain virtual objects for sale in their applications.

In order to obtain the update, you have to register your Blackberry pin and install the update within a 24 hour time gap. It should also be noted that because the update itself is both a Beta and developers version, it could probably initiate a number of new bugs and concerns. This means that one user who is not involved in working with potentially unsteady software on their Playbook, should stay away.

The update modifications the OS build to version and is now be alive at here..

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

iOS, Android Are Mobile Kings

Google Android OS and Apple iOS are have become the king of mobile world and they are beating the rest smartphones, a new report said by IDC.

Both major OS have increased their share in the smartphone market rapidly in the last 1 year with Android has covered upto 59% and Apple iOS has capture 23%. While in the 1st quarter of last year both joined share was only 54.4%.

Mr Ramon Llamas, senior research analyst with IDC's Mobile Phone Technology, said, “The popularity of Android and iOS stems from a combination of factors that the competition has struggled to keep up with…..Neither Android nor iOS were the first to market with some of these features, but the way they made the smartphone experience intuitive and seamless has quickly earned a massive following."

Symbian, an ex-market leader, has been out of the market and Nokia has joined Microsoft’ Windows OS. Blackberry is also facing downfall and it has only 6.1% of market share l ast year it was 13.6%. And about Windows Phones 7 and Windows mobile currently has only 2.2% of market share but the platform is expecting more growth in the 2nd half of the year as Nokia and Windows can increase Windows Phone 7 sales.

IDC observes that this platform developemnt is very slow until Nokia should be fast with its rhythm of its smartphone releases or add more vendors with their owm Windows-powered smartphones.

Another report from an analyst firm called ABI Research recommends the launching of “Phablets”. These are the devices which are bigger than Smartphones but smaller than tablets, sauch as Android powered Samsung Galaxy Note. And the firm tells the market of Phablets can increase up-to 208 million units worldwide by the year of 2015.

Senior ABI analyst Joshua Flood stated, “One of the chief drivers for phablets is the amount of time people use their smartphones for Web browsing, reading articles and newspapers on the go, or simply navigating their journeys…..The larger screen sizes make a significant difference to the user's experience when compared to conventional-sized touchscreens between 3.5 and 4 inches. "Additionally, new phablet-styled devices provide an attractive two-in-one device proposition."

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fake Android Apps Scam Cost Users £28,000

Angry Birds and Cut the Rope these malicious Android apps created by scammers and by them consumers were cheated by premium rate text messages worth upto cost £27,850.

This hit happened at the end of last year and with it 1391 mobile numbers got affected in UK only. Though the telecom regulator PhonepayPlus got only 34 complaints and all those people whose money has been lost will be repaid automatically. The total sum of lost money for any individual is £80.

These false apps were placed into the Android Market named as Angry Birds, Assassins Creed, Cut the Rope and other trendy labels. The ‘Trojanised’ hits increased access to anyone’s phone when they were downloading and then automatically sent 3 premium text messages with no info to that person eevery time when app was opened.

Though Google has eliminated these malicious apps from the Android market (Play Store) but it didn’t inspect the apps before they uploaded. PhonepayPlus get proof of the app in 18 conutries.

According to figures from Juniper Research, this premium rate text message Trojans account was the 2nd biggest form of malware later than spyware. And these Trojans sent premium text messages without permission giving all revenue straight to the criminal PhonepayPlus said.

These malicious apps were placed to Google Market in th emidle of the November and PhonepayPlus received the 1st complaint on 28 November. And then it requested instant suspension of the text message shortcodes on December 16.

Some of securities firms such as F-Secure and TotalDefence showed up the apps at the time and on may 10 this year, the regulator fine A1 Aggregator Ltd £50,000 and al so forcing it to stick to follow all operating terms and to repaid all users.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Sony to Update All Tablets with Google Android 4.0

On Sunday, Sony confirmed to CNet that the whole Sony tablet devices for all area will obtain an over-the-air update which carries Android 4.0 with it. The company informed the new updates will be ready to available by means of over-the-air updates.

In the past Sony declared its policies to propose the Google Android 4.0 update although its didn’t give any time duration for those updates till it’s officially confirmation came on Sunday.

A number of Sony tablet had already got the upgrade with Sony Tablet S in the US though further tablets especially those which was situated in Europe and Japan remain same with the older and not much stable Android 3.2.1.

A few numbers of chief updates for Google Android 4.0 are a panoramic camera mode, an updated gallery viewer through SD card navigation and browser improvement along with extra bug fixes, security related updates and additional latest features by which users can attracts easily to these updates.

Google and Sony are hopeful that worldwide squash for Android 4.0 may satisfy the clients who had major complained that the fragmentation of Android allows unstable local timetables for the new product’s release as other devices leave out over Google Android upgrades. When we compare to Apple then it is capable to update any device they select at the same time, permitting iOS without any difficulty get used to as upgrades turn into accessible globally.

The accurate updates for every tablet area-wise are not identified though Sony will send a note to every user’s device when upgrade time has appeared.